The Legal Services Solution

Uncertainty is the counterpart of 21st century business. In the legal sector, a climate of mergers and acquisitions has left you with multiple systems, overlapping processes and a hard-to-manage records’ legacy. What’s more, business changes have streamlined law firms and left organisations without experienced information professionals to deliver solutions. Working practices are different too, and you need to ensure information is available to a mobile workforce. You may also be concerned about differentiating your services from those of your competitors. Business agility will help you gain the advantage, but with information expanding at exponential rates, how do you deliver faster business processes?

We can help you manage information at every stage in its lifecycle, from creation through active use, secure storage and disposal. We offer:

  • A single portal to view and track your records inventory with an auditable chain of custody
  • Digitising – safe and secure access to valuable information
  • Storage – save on property costs with offsite records storage

How does the Legal Services Solution help you?

Use our technology to transform your business. We help you:

  • Maximise your office space, increase security and compliance with our offsite records management and tape vaulting solutions.
  • Be more agile – by accessing information from anywhere in the world quickly and safely with our scanning and digitising solutions.
  • Manage information with one view of all your records and an auditable chain of custody with our Hosted Accutrac® Solution for records management
  • Address intellectual property issues with our technology escrow and domain name management services

Why choose Iron Mountain?

We will work with you to identify areas you need to focus on. We assess your current programme and then we build a plan with a roadmap to achieve your future objectives.

Partnering with us means you benefit from decades of experience in information management. But you don’t have to take our word for it. Our case studies speak for themselves:

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