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Manage The Entire Digital Employee Record On A Single Platform

Topics: Paper to Digital

Business process management in Human Resources is challenging and typically requires decisions and actions made by a myriad of people in departments throughout the organization. And, it continues to be a mix of digital and paper-based information. This article identifies how HR automation can improve 6 common HR processes to reduce administrative tasks, improve visibility and accountability, eliminate manual data entry, reduce risk of incomplete employee files and optimize HR report.

Frequently asked questions about data lifecycle management | Iron Mountain
Frequently asked questions about data lifecycle management

Topics: Data Management

Without the right strategy to manage data, your organisation could see storage costs spiral out of control, additional burdens placed on staff and limits in your ability to comply with regulations. Building a successful data lifecycle management strategy is one of the most important challenges facing IT departments.

Event Based Retention Guide | Iron Mountain
Event-Based Retention Guide

The goal of this Guide is to present practical solutions to address the challenges of event-based disposition.

Process Improvement and Automation 2016 – a Look at BPM | Iron Mountain
AIIM Industry Watch: Process Improvement and Automation 2016 – A Look at BPM

Topics: Records management

Many organizations recognize the need to improve their business processes and the benefits that result from process automation. Similar to the rise in the dependence upon and criticality of Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems shown in the 2016 AIIM Industry Watch Report titled “Information Management – State of the Industry 2016”, fifty-five percent of respondents to this survey say Business Process Management (BPM) is significant (38%) or imperative (17%) for their business.