6 Ways to Enhance Value

Records and Information Management 360° (RIM360°) is how we help our customers prioritise their biggest opportunities to drive business value. We share the top 6 areas where you can get more mileage out of your RIM program and help you evaluate where you are in relation to where you aspire to be.

Test Your Records Retention Knowledge

Answer these eight questions to find out how much you really know about document retention period - that's the minimum legal length of time a record must be retained before compliant disposition.

Business Case Accelerator

Topics: Records management

Worried you’re wasting time and money on paper records? Want to join the digital economy and increase efficiency while you reduce costs? Our business case accelerator will estimate how much you could save and provide you with ready-made PowerPoint slides to make the business case

Balancing Data Risk with Data Value | Iron Mountain
Balancing Data Risk with Data Value

Are you getting the most out of your information? Use the guide below to find out what you could be missing and where you can make improvements. It’s all about becoming a part of the Information Elite: the 4% of organisations that utilise their information as effectively as possible.

Your Information Risk at a Glance | Iron Mountain
Your Information Risk at a Glance

Hackers. Angry employees. Human error. Accidents. The threats to your information are growing all the time. Recent research from PwC and Iron Mountain indicates many European businesses aren’t fully prepared for information risk.

Business Case Builder
Business Case Builder

Topics: Paper to Digital | Risk resilience

From the boardroom on the 42nd floor to the call centre and the construction site, information management can have a positive impact on efficiency, compliance, employee satisfaction and the service you give customers.