Best Practices For Balancing Information Value And Risk

Topics: Data Management

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Addressing information risk is a major challenge. But there’s value in your data that you can unlock, even as you continue to guard it from theft, mishandling and loss.

Our recent study,Seizing the information advantage: how organisations can unlock insight and value from the information they hold, in conjunction with PwC, polled 1,800 global business executives on their companies’ core organisational and technical policies and procedures. The study’s resulting Information Value Index rates how successful companies are at extracting value from their information.

The results show that only 4% of respondents are using their data to its full potential. These organisations are referred to as the Information Elite.

To earn your place in the Information Elite, follow the steps outlined in this checklist.

Find out in the PwC and Iron Mountain study: Seizing the information advantage: how organizations can unlock insight and value from the information they hold

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