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Topics: Offsite Tape Vaulting | Data Backup and Archiving | Disaster Recovery

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Faster Turnaround And A Reduce Rate-Card For Restoring Data Quickly And Easily From Archive Or Legacy Back-Up Media

Business Challenges

  • Are you regularly required to carry out data restoration projects on archived media or legacy back-up?
  • Do you struggle to manage these internally but worry about the cost of external support?
  • Are you still paying for licences for old back-up systems just in case you need them?

✔ What if you had additional resource through an expert provider who could help you manage your archived back-up media rather than provide one-off services?
✔ What if you could minimise the cost and maximise the speed of project work?
✔ What if you could shut down your legacy systems, see direct ROI and still access your archived data easily?


IT resource is stretched thinly enough without having to worry about restoring data from archived and legacy media. And budgets are under pressure without having to pay for licences for old back-up software.

Iron Mountain’s Restoration Assurance Programme means that you can shut down your legacy environments completely, while getting a lower rate for expert support on data restoration projects. So you can demonstrate direct ROI while no longer having to manage and execute complex data restoration requests.

Features At A Glance

  • A subscription-based service that means you can shut down your legacy back-up environments
  • A reduced rate-card and faster turnaround for data restoration project work
  • Pre-service check and proof-of-concept data restoration as standard
  • Decommissioning Consulting Services available to help you make the transition away from your legacy systems
  • Understanding of your back-up media built up to speed up processing
  • Expert data restoration services which provide end-users with what they require

Solution And Capabilities

Iron Mountain’s Restoration Assurance Programme is a service which, for a monthly fee, provides you with a lower rate-card and priority processing for data restoration projects from archived back-up media. We keep space in our workplans for you and, because we work with you over a period of time, we can use our familiarity with your archived media to process requests even more quickly.
After initial scoping to determine which legacy systems and back-up media types you have, we will carry out a pre-service check and proof-of-concept restoration on a sample of encrypted tapes so that you can be confident we have everything we need to take over management of your archive media.
We can also provide Decommissioning Consulting Services to help you with a smooth transition away from your current way of operating. This includes ensuring that service providers do not retain important assets such as catalogues and encryption keys.

Get Started

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