Tape Identification

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Create a complete tape catalogue to speed up finding the right archived back-up tapes

Business Challenges

  • Do you have large numbers of archived back-up tapes whose contents are incorrectly catalogued or unknown?
  • Do you struggle to lay hands on the right archived or legacy back-up tapes when you need data urgently?
  • Are you worried about the implications of not being able to find the right data when you need it?

✔ What if you could complete your tape catalogues in advance of a crisis?
✔ What if you could minimise the time required to identify the right archived back-up tapes?
✔ What if you could substantially reduce the risk of fines and damage to your company’s reputation?


IT departments have enough to manage without worrying about accessing archived data from a variety of different tape formats. But when you need data back from your archive, from email trails for legal investigations to financial records for audit purposes, you need to be able to lay hands on the information quickly.
As companies grow and staff move around, maintaining one tape catalogue which tells you exactly what data is where can be challenging. Businesses which have grown by acquisition may acquire large numbers of tapes that have never been catalogued, or have not been catalogued in line with existing requirements.
So when you have to restore data, as well as having to use legacy back-up systems to read tapes, you face the added challenge of having to restore many more tapes than you really need to in order to find where the data you need is stored.
By using Iron Mountain’s Tape Identification service, you can get straight to restoring only the tapes you need.

Features At A Glance

  • A service which quickly identifies server type and date of back-up on media
  • Full physical inventory of tape types and any hand-written label information created
  • Complete catalogue delivered in catalogue format, .csv file or Access database according to your needs
  • File-level indexing available if required
  • Email custodian mapping available if required
  • Tapes which are part of a series sequenced and logged
  • Unreadable or corrupted tapes separated out for review
  • Catalogue consolidation available through our Tape Catalogue Manager service
  • Full services to restore data back from tapes also available

Solutions And Capabilities

Whether your archive of back-up tapes is already partially catalogued or requires a full investigation, Iron Mountain’s Tape Identification service lets you complete your overview of what is on all your archived back-up tapes.
We will scope your project with you, ascertain what level of detail you need about your tapes, help you prioritise your cataloguing and deliver the results back to you in a format that suits you.
If you’d like support in creating one complete catalogue of your archived tapes, our online Tape Catalogue Manager allows you to upload existing catalogue files and then add to them as your catalogue is completed through Tape Identification projects.

Get Started

To find out more about how Iron Mountain’s Tape Identification service can help you, contact us on 08445 60 70 80 or visit www.ironmountain.co.uk

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