Iron Mountain® Global Research Service & Policy Centre Solution Highlights

Topics: Retention of records

As a leader of your global organisation’s information governance programme, you know that your retention schedule is not a once-and-done document because regulations and laws are constantly changing.

To help you keep your recordkeeping requirements compliant, Iron Mountain delivers high quality legal research through its Global Research service, the industry’s first international records retention and legal research offering in the cloud. What makes this subscription-based service so unique is the research you receive is continually updated as laws and regulations change, giving you a current base of legal research from which to build and maintain your retention schedule.

Your legal research is compiled by an international law network representing 160 jurisdictions, and is delivered to you as a centrally curated service, giving you the option to flexibly subscribe only to the specific areas of laws within the individual countries or provinces where your organisation operates. Ongoing maintenance updates are a key component of the service. You can receive automated, up-to-date retention guidelines from around the world that are researched, curated, and vetted by local legal experts within individual industries and geographies.

Your research can be delivered to you digitally via Iron Mountain Policy Centre, a secure cloud-based research authoring and distribution platform that is tightly integrated with our Global Research service, providing you with a new modern medium to access and manage your retention schedule. Using Policy Centre you can also:

  • Associate granular legal citations directly with your retention schedule classification scheme.
  • Map your organisation’s structure and data locations.
  • Meet defensibility requirements with a full audit trail.
  • Integrate with your enterprise to use directory access and single sign-on capabilities.
  • Share your retention schedule with your content infrastructure.
  • And uniformly apply your retention schedule to records management enabled systems.

You can also stay connected to Iron Mountain through our coordinated Support Desk, where you can receive personalised responses from local legal counsel. Have questions about something specific in your retention schedule? Not sure about a new change to a local law? Reach out and your questions will be answered with a managed care process. The Iron Mountain Global Research service and Policy Centre solution – the industry’s first technology-enabled records retention and legal research offering in the cloud, giving you a modern way to receive and access high-quality retention research curated by local legal experts to keep your information governance programme compliant everywhere your organisation operates.

For more information, contact Iron Mountain at 08445 60 70 80 today! That’s 08445 60 70 80. To learn how to get started with this revolutionary new service – only from Iron Mountain!