Iron Mountain® Global Research Service & Policy Centre Solution - Overview

Topics: Retention of records

What if you could receive regular legal research updates to keep your retention schedule guidelines in compliance with the latest laws and regulations with help from an industry expert?

For decades, organisations have developed paper-based retention schedules resulting in a point-in-time snapshot of regulatory requirements and laws. And so retention schedules and the supporting research must be routinely updated every 18- to 24 months, a process that typically includes lengthy review cycles.

It all starts with the essential ingredient to maintaining compliant recordkeeping requirements: quality legal research. So why do many organisations still follow traditional research methods and navigate multiple, flat documents only to discover their legal citations quickly become obsolete?

Today there is a better solution that uses a modern approach to keeping your retention schedule current, and it’s powered by the Iron Mountain® Global Research service, the industry’s first technology-enabled retention research product to be offered in the cloud.

First, you’ll work with Iron Mountain’s Professional Services consultants to identify where your information lives and who owns it. Our team of experts then helps you refine your classification scheme and retention requirements.

Once complete, you can apply those retention requirements across your organisation… …by deploying your schedule and policies with the Iron Mountain Policy Centre solution, a cloud-based research authoring and distribution platform that’s tightly integrated with our Global Research service.

Through Policy Centre, you’ll have greater control when publishing and implementing your retention schedule to the appropriate systems. You’ll also be able to communicate changes and train your employees on the specifics of your new retention schedule.

What’s unique about the subscription-based Global Research service is it alerts you of regulatory or law changes within the international geographies you operate in, and allows you to review refreshed legal research on a platform you and your entire organisation can use to dynamically accept or reject changes made to your retention schedule. And once those changes are accepted, they can be implemented to the appropriate systems and you have a full audit trail to demonstrate compliance.

This MODERN approach from Iron Mountain gives you more flexibility so you can keep your retention schedule perpetually up to date.

The Iron Mountain® Global Research service and Policy Centre solution. Usher in a new era of researching and implementing your global retention schedule. Contact Iron Mountain at 08445 60 70 80 today! That’s 08445 60 70 80. To learn how to get started with this revolutionary new service. Only from Iron Mountain!