Stage 2: Lighten the Load

Topics: Outsourcing Records Management | Paper to Digital

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It's time to transform how you handle 'living' documents across the business. People keep information close to hand because they want to refer to it regularly or get to it quickly. Storing active documents in cabinets and desks across the office isn't the best way to protect and access critical documents.

The Paper Light Journey: Fast Access for Active Files

One of the biggest problems caused by a paper-based approach to information management is the time spent by workers finding the documents they need. Delays in finding information can hold things up and be really costly - especially if it slows down the service you provide. And there are other problems too, like getting your hands on any information you might need for an audit or to prove compliance with regulations. And sharing information can be difficult too - especially across multiple sites

The Solution:

A records management solution can help you solve all these problems. The first thing you need to do is to identify all of the paper documents you need to keep and store them securely offsite. You also need to understand who has access to the document and how often. Active files that you use regularly can be kept in open-shelf storage and accessed quickly through our Active File service. And authorised workers can access paper documents in the original stored format or electronically through our scanning service. This means that any authorised individual can access your information from any of your locations. As well as keeping your information safe, this means you know who has access to your information and when.


Records management can give you peace of mind from a compliance point of view because you know precisely where everything is, and you get it quickly when you need to. We also make sure you don’t keep anything longer than you should, and we securely destroy records at the end of their retention period.

Improved Customer Service:

And, of course, the real value here lies in improved customer services because getting things done quickly and accurately leaves your staff feeling good - and your customers happy. It’s a new way of thinking for many businesses, but storing records offsite actually makes them more accessible to workers, leading to a boost in efficiency.

Iron Mountain Welcomes You to a New Documentality:

To find out how records management can help your Paper Light journey, download our guide now. And when you’re ready, move to Step Three of the Paper Light process.