Stage 3: Get Light on You Feet

Topics: Outsourcing Records Management | Paper to Digital

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You are ready to introduce added levels of sophistication to your Information management programme. You need to think about implementing solutions to deal with new information coming in to your organisation every day.

The Paper Light Journey: Document Digitisation

For businesses that rely heavily on the flow of information, getting as paper-light as possible can massively improve efficiency. Where large amounts of documents, like applications or claim forms need processing manually, it can slow down the whole process before it's even begun. Where archive documents are required for day-to-day, searching for these can cause ongoing delays and inefficiencies. This can cause particularly acute problems when documents are required for compliance, or to fulfil an audit trail.

The Solution:

With the right technology and expertise, scanning solutions could dramatically increase efficiency. With Iron Mountain scanning service, information can be quickly digitised, extracting and saving the key information to make it instantly available to your back office systems. The very beginning of a process is the worst place for it to be slowed down. And manual input is labour intensive and prone to human error.

Digitising information as soon as it comes in not only gets things moving quicker, but also makes it much more available and much more useful throughout its lifetime - saving loads of time in the long-run.

Improved Access:

Most businesses can benefit from digitising some of their documents because it makes them so easily accessible, while keeping the originals secure. For any business that needs immediate access to records, especially across multiple sites, it will be most cost-effective to scan the records you need most often. We work with you to find the most cost-effective solution. It's a new paper-light way of thinking about information flow, and it will change the way your business works forever.

Iron Mountain Welcomes You to a New Documentality:

To find out how records management can help your Paper Light journey, download our guide now. And when you're ready, move to Step Four of the Paper Light process.