Are You Ready For A Data Disaster?

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Smart data management strategies to help you eliminate hidden risks

Data Today And As It Grows Into The Future

According To Idc Estimates, We Will Have 44 Times More Data In 2020 Than We Had In 20051 — That’s Upwards Of 35 Zettabytes.

Analysts are projecting a gigantic boom in data growth, which is being described as a zettabye apocalypse. While the numbers are staggering, it’s easy to understand why:

  • Data is relied upon more than ever before — incorporating high-definition video, medical images, mobile applications and more.
  • You and your colleague are creating increasing amounts of data.
  • With mobile technology, we can generate data any time, any place, anywhere – and we’re doing this more and more.

Your organisation operates in a business environment that thrives on data. You know that effective data management is important, but you also realise that unconsidered circumstances can expose flaws in even the best data management strategies.

Backups: Online Or Offline? Onsite Or Off?

We Tend To Think About Backup Data In Terms Of Its Accessibility. The Faster We Can Retrieve It For Recovery Purposes, The Better.

Your company depends on disk as a primary storage method. But you need more thanjust disk-based protection to safeguard critical data.

Have you considered the potential risks from disk-based backups? Their continuous nature means your critical backup copies could be corrupted by malware, software or human error.

To mitigate risk, store additional backup copies offsite and offline. This will provide static restoration points that are less susceptible to error.

What happens if:

  1. You run a software upgrade that corrupts your online backup copies?
  2. A corruption perpetuated across multiple online backups forces you to rebuildfrom months-old data?

Did You Know?

The Cost Of The 2014 Sony Breach, Which Exposed Huge Amounts Of Employee Information, Could Exceed $100 Million.2

Taking Backups Offsite

Getting Backup Data Offsite, Offline And Out Of Danger Is An Essential Element Of Any Effective Data Management Strategy.

If you want to securely transport your backup media offsite, we have the resources to help you do it. We’ll follow a rigorous chain-of-custody with scans at every transition point. We’ll also give you an accurate audit trail from the time we pick it up to the moment it arrives at our facility.

We’ll then store your tapes and other media in secure, specially designed, climate-controlled vaults. We’ll manage them following standardised, proven protocols and best practices. This will keep the critical data they contain safe from hackers and protected against loss, theft and corruption.

And when the time comes for you to access that data for recovery or restoration purposes, we’ll help you quickly locate the required tapes and return them to you as internal and external timelines dictate.

Are You Ready Should Disaster Strike?

Preparation Is The Key To An Effective Disaster Response. You Need To Know How To Go About Recovering And You Need A Plan That’s Been Proven To Work.

Do you have detailed procedures that outline how you’ll recover in the event disaster strikes? If so, are you confident the plan will actually work in those critical moments when time is of the essence?

Did You Know

A Fire At London’s Holborn Station Left Many Small Businesses Operating From Disaster Recovery Locations For Several Weeks And Cost The Capital’s Economy An Estimated £40m.3

Whatever your answers to either question, you need to be sure you have a thorough and well-tested disaster response plan ready to kick in if needed. It should confirm you can be back up and running, in accordance with internal and external requirements, as quickly as possible.

What happens if:

  • You experience a small-scale event, such as a virus attack or operating system corruption, that damages just a subset of infrastructure?
  • Disaster strikes, but you haven’t tested your plan in over a year?
  • You have to restore an important set of data from a Cloud backup, but power and network connectivity are inconsistent?

2.The Wall Street Journal. The Morning Download: Sony Breach Could Cost $100 million. December 10, 2014.
3.Evening Standard: Holborn fire costs London firms £40m. firms-40m-full-scale-of-damage-and-disruption-revealed-10150993.html

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