IT Teams: What Should You Look for in a Data Restoration Services Provider?

Data Restoration Services: Your It Department’s Guide To Choosing A Supplier | Iron Mountain

Look around you. There are changes happening in your organisation—whether they be large or small. Perhaps your company is in the middle of a merger or acquisition, or maybe your IT department is considering moving the majority of its storage into the Cloud. You need to know that you have a reliable supplier on-hand to provide fast, reliable data restoration services to help you merge data from different locations, consolidate your data centre or move from tape to Cloud storage.

With increases in archive tape, backup teams are spending more in money and resources to maintain legacy environments they only occasionally access. Typically, backup teams are not resourced to perform restoration services beyond normal data recovery.

In this guide, you'll learn:

  • how investing in a managed data restoration service can save time and money
  • what makes a great data restoration services provider
  • what questions to ask current or potential vendor(s)

Download the guide and get started.