Legal and Compliance: What Should You Look for in a Data Restoration Services Provider?

Data Restoration Services:Your Legal Department’s Guide To Choosing A Supplier | Iron Mountain

Legal discovery can be an exhausting process. Spending months or weeks with your IT team searching for particular data can incur huge costs, and litigation requests can require weeks or months of effort on your part, as well. You need to work with your IT department to keep the last 7-10 years of data for retention and compliance purposes so that when an e-discovery event occurs, you’re ready.

As a legal professional, you need to know if you have the data you need, where it is and how long and how much money it will take to discover and disclose that data. You also must understand if you need your data by a specific date to avoid fines, penalties and/or loss of reputation. Finally, under recent legislation, you’re required to provide a budgetary cost for each potential event.

In this guide, you'll learn:

  • how investing in a managed data restoration service can save time and money
  • what makes a great data restoration services provider
  • what questions to ask current or potential vendor(s)

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