Document Retention in UK Legal Firms

Document Retention in UK Legal Firms  | Iron Mountain

How Well Do UK Legal Firms Apply Document Retention Schedules?

This comprehensive benchmark report examines how professionals within the UK legal sector assessed their confidence in—and knowledge of—document retention regulations and information management.

The results revel an industry in flux.

While the majority of UK firms are, on some level, aware of their document retention processes and practices, many have failed to educate employees and streamline processes across their organisations, putting themselves at increased risk of data breaches and compliance violations. In fact, our research indicates 30% agree that too much information remained on paper that no-one takes responsibility for.

In this report, you’ll:

  • Discover—common gaps in retention processes
  • Determine—areas for improvement
  • Learn—digitisation and retention best practices

How well do you know document retention?

Download the report.