What to Ask a Potential WEEE Disposal Provider

Topics: Data Backup and Archiving

Your organisation just rolled out a massive mobile distribution to employees, while at the same retiring a generation of tablets. Businesses are upgrading multiple devices constantly. This means you have many obsolete devices requiring secure and WEEE disposal and recycling. These services rid your organisation of obsolete technology, as well as the data that resides on those discarded devices.

Done right, WEEE disposal takes place under a comprehensive, documented security umbrella that prevents data leaks and ensures equipment disposal with little environmental impact. After all, mistakes regarding data security or environmental protection could lead to fines or penalties — as well as a tarnished reputation for your organisation.

IT equipment disposal is made easier with a trusted third-party vendor with the certifications and processes to put your mind at ease. Here are the key questions to ask your current or a potential new IT asset disposition supplier:

Question #1: Do you offer a comprehensive suite of services?

Ensure that a potential IT asset disposition provider can provide:

  • versatile disposal services—the vendor should be able to accommodate not only hardware and peripherals, but also CDs, film, photos, thumb drives and employee badges
  • logging and tracking of materials designated for destruction as they move off-site
  • transport of items to be destroyed based on a secure, auditable workflow and a documented chain of custody
  • data-erasure services that comply with international standards
  • on-site destruction for sensitive materials that can’t leave the premises.

Question #2: Do you recycle in accordance with specific industry standards?

E-waste is a global problem, and regulations exist to fight it. Your IT asset disposition provider must use environmentally sustainable disposal practices. Look for a vendor that takes environmental concerns seriously by offering compliance with WEEE and ISO 14001 recycling standards:

  • de-manufacturing of e-waste into its component parts, followed by a part-specific recycling procedure
  • assurance that e-waste will never be exported, incinerated or sent to a landfill
  • high standards for both destroying and recycling IT assets and media.

Question #3: How do you turn trash into treasure?

Just because equipment is obsolete for your purposes doesn’t mean another organisation or individual can’t use it. Your recycler may be able to recapture some of the value of your retired assets — once the equipment is wiped clean of any proprietary data. Look for an IT equipment disposal vendor that can:

  • assign a fair market value to your assets
  • erase all the data from IT devices prior to remarketing, and restore them to factory settings, as needed
  • destroy or recycle any hardware with no market value

Finding a full-service IT equipment disposal vendor can prove challenging. But if you locate a supplier that can handle everything from destruction to e-waste recycling, while protecting the environment, you’ll be solving the WEEE disposal challenge.

Download the guide for more tips on choosing a secure vendor.