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Addressing Customer Service, Risk And Regulatory Compliance, Global Expansion, And Bad Debt Recovery

To grow revenues, financial services companies are looking to win and retain customers with better customer service, and to expand market penetration through national or international expansion. At the same time, they need to curb losses by improving bad debt recovery.
The regulatory scrutiny under which companies like yours operate is more stringent than ever before. The ability to demonstrate regulatory compliance is critical to maintaining your reputation, and ensuring customer and market confidence.

Effective information management, storage and processing can play a significant part in achieving these objectives. Working with a trusted information management partner like Iron Mountain can make all the difference. With our help you’ll be able to:

  • Provide better customer service through faster, easier information access
  • Improve returns on bad debt by accessing more details about your customers
  • Harmonise information management processes throughout your national and global operations
  • Reduce risk by improving regulatory compliance and enhancing business continuity

Better Customer Service

When a customer applies for a new account or an overdraft facility, how swiftly can you respond? Are you able to approve a loan, credit card or mortgage application and issue all the documentation quickly enough? Can your information management processes scale up to cope with compliance-related events like PPI? How easily can you access up-to-date information for each of your customers — their history, needs and priorities?

Imagine having all your live files and documents coherently organised and easily accessible whenever you need them. Iron Mountain can help, by storing and managing your information at our secure sites or on your premises, and by digitising your documents. You’ll have:

  • Rapid access to the files and records you need, with individual documents — originals or scans — returned to you in as little as two hours
  • Incoming documents — from application forms to complaint letters — scanned, categorised and distributed to the appropriate teams, ready for when they start work
  • Complete control over everything you store with us via our online portal, IM Connect™, that lets authorised users request access to records and documents

And with consolidated information about each customer at your fingertips, you’ll also be able to target your cross- and up-selling efforts more effectively.

“Iron Mountain has helped us impose structure on our storage data, given us complete visibility of what’s happening in our archives, and allowed us to improve control of our costs.”
Relationship Manager , Global Banking Group

Reduced Risk Through Improved Compliance And Business Continuity

Have you ever experienced — or nearly experienced — a data breach? Can your in-house security teams keep up with changing regulations? Where and how do you store archives of deactivated accounts and expired loan agreements — and what’s your process for destroying them when they’re no longer needed? Could the sheer volume of paper you store put compliance at risk?

By working with Iron Mountain, you’ll be able to see exactly where your records and documents are at any time — and prove it to your auditors from your desk. You can trust us to store and transport your physical and digital records safely and securely:

  • Unlike standard storage space you might rent, our facilities have industry-leading security features — as do our systems and vehicles — and are regularly audited
  • Our staff are vetted and trained and work to bestpractice processes for document handling, records retention and information destruction
  • We incorporate a rigorous chain of custody and audit trail for clear accountability
  • Our operations meet standards and regulations such as the PCI Data Security Standard, ISO 9001:2008 and ISO/IEC 27001:2005, OHSAS 18001 (health and safety), ISO 14001 (environmental management), and the UK’s EN 15713 (secure destruction of confidential material)

We’ll store your information for as long as you or regulations require, with options for efficient retrieval. We can also provide a safe haven for your back-up data to help you meet business continuity and disaster recovery objectives. And when your records reach end of life — whether they’re on paper or digital media — we can securely destroy them and render them non-reconstructible.

Harmonised Processes Across Your Operations

Are you struggling to implement consistent information management processes across all your operating locations? Are you faced with consolidating archives following a merger or acquisition? How easily can you apply region-specific information security regulations and standards?

Suppose a single information partner could support your business wherever it expands to? Iron Mountain has facilities in over 36 countries and can help you store and manage your records across all your sites. You’ll have peace of mind, knowing that:

  • Your physical records are stored close by and can be quickly returned
  • Iron Mountain experts are on hand to help you identify vital records and define how they should be treated and stored
  • You’ll benefit from the same high-quality processes and compliance with regulations and standards across all your operating countries
  • You’ll have a secure and flexible records storage program that can adapt to fit changing business needs

And if colleagues in different locations need to use the same records and documents, we can scan them to make multi-site access even more straightforward.

Improved Returns On Bad Debt

If a borrower defaults on a loan, can you consolidate all the information you have about them to maximise the return on the sale of their debt? What if you could tag the contents of all your borrowers’ records, and search for and locate them online?

Iron Mountain can help you apply records management methodologies that will improve the way you file and access customer records, so that it’s easier and quicker to find all the information you need. You’ll be able to:

  • Index and tag your records using our customer portal, IM Connect™
  • Tag records using your company’s preferred terminology
  • Choose between entering your own metadata or asking us to do it for you

Our records management professionals can also support you on special projects, such as if you have a backlog of records that need classifying, or you want to put new indexing and tagging processes in place for the future.

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To find out more about how Iron Mountain’s information management services can help financial services companies enhance customer service, improve returns on bad debt, harmonise information management globally, and improve regulatory compliance, contact us: or call us on 08445 60 70 80

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