Global Research Service & Policy Centre Solution

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Your Retention Schedule – Current, Consistent and Global

Business Challenge

Do you struggle to keep up with the latest rules and regulations related to records retention? Do you lack expert guidance to govern both physical and electronic information? Is applying retention rules to your content infrastructure a challenge? Is communicating changes in policies to end users across your business a constant struggle?

You’re not alone. Information managers across the globe face the same problems.

When you rely on manual, time-intensive processes to research, update, and communicate changes to policies, your records retention schedule becomes quickly out of date and you leave your organisation at risk of non-compliance.

Lacking the speed and scale to keep up with changing requirements in all the countries where you operate is only exacerbated if you undergo an acquisition, merger or divestiture. What’s more, this leaves you struggling to make progress on your path towards digital transformation, as it’s difficult to know when records can be destroyed.

Industry Insight:

38% of firms dedicate at least one whole day a week to analysing regulatory changes. This rises to 59% for global financial firms.

Source : Cost of Compliance 2015, Thomson Reuters

How This Affects You

    Keeping records longer than required for legal, regulatory or business reasons
    Limited resources and expert guidance on how to build your own legally defensible global retention schedule and keep it up to date
    Manual placement of the rules and regulations across your content infrastructure
    Inconsistent regulatory citation and change tracking documentation
    Limited or no ability to communicate policy changes to information owners across the wider organisation

What If You Could

  • Work with an expert to develop or improve your records taxonomy and identify ways to shorten retention periods so you can stop retaining less useful information?
  • Have global visibility into the latest version of your retention schedule so you can control risk and communicate policy to keep your records compliant no matter where they are?
  • Systematically share retention schedules with your content infrastructure from the cloud through a standardised integration connector?
  • Synchronise your records management enabled systems to ensure that policy is being consistently applied to content regardless of format or location?
  • Centralise change management and version control throughcollaborative discussion threads with all stakeholder?

Iron Mountain® Global Research Service & Policy Centre Solution

You can centralise policy application and eliminate periodic records retention schedule refreshes through the following products and services that comprise this solution:


You’ll receive expert guidance to help you create or revamp your records retention schedule, improving your records taxonomy and structure. You’ll work together to define your go-forward legal research requirements based on where you operate and the level of granularity you require so that you receive accurate information tailored to your specific needs.

Iron Mountain® Global Research Service

The Global Research service is the industry’s first technologyenabled records retention research solution offered in the cloud. Delivered as a service, customers subscribe to specific areas of law within individual jurisdictions to receive fully cited and summarised retention requirements from a robust database of 32,000 requirements. These requirements are researched, vetted and curated by legal experts within individual industries and geographies and updated on an ongoing basis. You’ll receive accurate legal research from an international network of local law firms from each jurisdiction where you operate or subscribe. The research will be delivered as an automated, centrally curated service directly to Policy Centre.

Global Research & Policy Centre workflow

What You Gain

  • The ability to create and centrally manage enterprise and jurisdictional retention schedules
  • High-quality research from local law firms in any jurisdiction available, including continuously updated research for 90 of the most economically developed countries
  • Electronically stored information (ESI) and data location mapping
  • Advanced filtering and searching
  • Expert guidance to create or update your records retention schedule customised to your needs
  • Continuous maintenance updates delivered directly to you online
  • Full audit trail, including role-based permission and security
  • Personalised “Help Desk” for ongoing support

Iron Mountain® Policy Centre Solution

Through the secure Policy Centre portal, you’ll be able to view a customised version of any component of your retention schedule. This feature gives information owners and managers faster access to the key information they are responsible for so they can make quicker decisions on what information they need to retain. You will also be able to systematically update and connect your retention schedules across your content infrastructure through standardised integration connector. You can then uniformly apply your policies and retention schedules accordingly — giving your organisation a legally defensible company-wide records and information management policy.