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In today’s increasingly competitive and globalised market, solicitors and law firms face many challenges. Efficiency and cost control are at the top of the agenda, making it vital to reduce overheads and administration, optimise your use of office space, and maximise fee-earners’ billable hours.

Smarter information management can you meet the following challenges:

  • Improved client service
    How can your firm have faster access to critical documents? With budgets squeezed, clients are demanding faster responses and expect you to have all relevant files available when they call.
  • Globalisation
    How do your lawyers benefit from consistent processes and security standards internationally? As overseas markets become an important source of growth, teams of lawyers need to be able to access and securely store documents across multiple locations.
  • Increased litigation volumes
    Is your firm ready to take advantage of growing litigation work? Higher volumes of litigation require the ability to manage and access greater volumes of information in all formats: not just paper and scanned documents, but audio, video and digital assets too.
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
    How do you ensure the integration of a merger does not become a hindrance to your lawyers? Following a merger you need to assimilate another firm’s archive and ensure that high security standards and the ability to gain fast access are not compromised.

Why Iron Mountain?

Iron Mountain will help you meet these challenges with a secure managed service for your critical files. You’ll benefit from faster, easier information access and less administration, making your firm more agile and responsive.

  • We’ll help you control, store, archive and retrieve your information more efficiently and costeffectively.
  • We offer specialist services that address intellectual property issues.
  • We support you with classifying and indexing information during a merger, or helping you implement a compliant document storage programme.

“Over the years, we have regularly tested the market, and Iron Mountain has continued to come out on top in terms of flexibility, price, and the quality of service it provides.”
Chris Francis
Records Supervisor
Nabarro LLP , European Law Firm
Your trusted information management partner
Magic and Silver Circle law firms and organisations in every major sector, including over 80% of the FTSE 100 companies, rely on Iron Mountain as their secure information management partner.

Iron Mountain’s complete information management solution puts you in full control of your information, whether it’s stored in your office or off-site. We’ll help you implement a comprehensive information management programme that’s tailored to your needs.

Our vetted personnel follow best-practice processes for records management and information destruction. We provide an audit trail for clear accountability — protecting your information at every stage, reducing the risk of spoliation, malpractice and non-compliance.

Fast Access To Paper Documents

A secure, cost-efficient service giving you control of documents and archives across multiple locations.

  • For your active cases we provide file-by-file access – returning individual items (originals or scans) to you within as little as two hours. Documents such as expired contracts that are no longer active, but must be retained for compliance or legal discovery, can be archived and returned on a box-by-box basis.
  • We provide climate-controlled facilities with gaseous fire suppression systems to preserve valuable deeds, contracts and other papers. We can protect information in all formats including audio, video and digital assets.
  • High security standards include vetted staff, security fences, keycard access and CCTV surveillance.
  • Specialists can work on your sites to help you manage client and case files and other information
  • IM Connect™, our customer web portal, gives you seamless visibility and access across all the physical and electronic records you store with us. It lets you give all your authorised users real-time access to the same information, wherever they are in the world.

Digitisation For Improved Client Service And Litigation Support

A service that helps you manage the transition to digital working.

  • Large volumes of information, such as those involved in major litigation cases, can be stored and retrieved more efficiently through scanning and digitisation.
  • Intelligent scanning allows you to digitise frequently accessed documents. A scan-all policy can be expensive for documents that are rarely accessed. We provide a tailored cost-efficient solution for your business.
  • We can store your digital documents in a secure electronic archive. We can also export your digital documents with their metadata to your own backend systems, and interface with most document management systems.
  • Electronic document retrieval allows faster access to information. You can even give clients self-service access, meeting their information needs while cutting your own administrative burden.
  • For old or fragile documents, such as title deeds, we provide specialist preparation and handling.

Secure Information Destruction For International Businesses

Off-site secure destruction for your documents and digital media gives you peace of mind wherever your offices are located.

  • We support data protection legislation with certificates of destruction and paper documents shredded to a non-reconstructible form.
  • We certify 100% recycling of shredded paper, which can boost your environmental credentials with clients.

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To find out more about how Iron Mountain’s complete information management solution can help law firms reduce costs, manage information more securely and efficiently, and be more responsive to clients’ needs, visit or call us on 08445 60 70 80

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