Making The Unpredictable, Predictable: The Challenge Of Data Restoration

Topics: Data Management

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While technology news outlets tell stories of moving to the cloud, big data and cybersecurity threats, IT teams deal with the reality of an information driven business world: the challenge of storing an ever-increasing amount of data. We have an insatiable desire to keep everything from email to spreadsheets, just in case we might need them in the future. And while tape and hard drive storage costs continue to drop, the growth in data is far outstripping that rate.

As if dealing with the technical challenge of managing all this data were not enough, IT is faced with another challenge: how to handle data restoration for legal and regulatory events. These kinds of events are unpredictable from both a timing and scope perspective — playing havoc with IT budgets and planning.

Financial Impacts Of Data Restoration

Unfortunately, unexpected data events are not discretionary, and IT has to find a way to handle them regardless of competing priorities. When the data is readily identifiable and available, the disruption may be minimal; however, sometimes the location of the data may be unclear or may be in obsolete formats or media. In these cases, IT can face difficult challenges. For example, IT may need to know where the data is located (in-house or in the cloud), if it’s available in a human-readable format and how quickly it can be found and restored into a format that’s presentable in court.

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