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Improving Product Development Processes, Working With Your Supply Chain, Compliance And Archive Preservation

As a manufacturer, you’re focused on growth. In a competitive economic climate, you don’t want to miss out on new business opportunities. And to do this, it pays to have easy access to all the information you need to rapidly build business plans and develop products.
At the same time, compliance is central — you can’t run the risk of a failed audit or inspection harming your reputation or leading to litigation or financial penalties. You need to have all the information to hand that provides evidence of good regulatory practice.

How do you integrate your physical stored information, such as drawings, contracts, QA records, x-rays, laboratory notebooks and test reports, with your existing enterprise systems? How can you make the most of the information you have?

Working with a trusted global information management partner like Iron Mountain allows you to implement effective, secure and cost-efficient information management processes across the product lifecycle to meet these challenges. You’ll be able to:

  • Develop products more quickly through improved access to existing information
  • Easily access original information required for throughlife product support
  • Maintain and demonstrate compliance across your operations with secure, streamlined access to information
  • Future-proof existing physical information by digitising it

Streamlined Product Development For Faster Business Growth

Are you easily able to use past development detail for new products and product support? Are service reports quickly available to support variant and option creation and quality improvements? How comprehensive is the existing research you can access easily to streamline your product development process?

What if you could access a complete inventory of your existing physical documents such as drawings, test reports, patents and parts lists, and check them in the same way that you do electronic documents?
Iron Mountain will help you:

  • Apply best-practice record management methodologies to improve the way you store and index your information, so you know what you have
  • Have full visibility over what you store with us via our online portal, IM Connect™, complementing your existing enterprise data management applications
  • Digitise your information archives where necessary, giving you straightforward online access to physical documents and integration with existing enterprise systems
  • Access information needed for active projects, with records available in as little as two hours
  • Support the product lifecycle process by ensuring documents can be accessed when required

Our records management professionals can support you on special projects – for example, if you have a backlog of records that need classifying, or you want to put new indexing and tagging processes in place for the future.

Increased Efficiency Through Improved Working With Suppliers

How easily can you share physical documents with your suppliers? Can you be sure that you only provide them with access to the information that you want to share?

What if you could give suppliers fast access to the information they need to develop your products? What if you could be confident that the only information you shared with them was the information you intended to share?

Information security combined with straightforward access where required is what we do at Iron Mountain. We can help you work with your suppliers by:

  • Managing documents relating to your active projects through our ActivFile service, so you can send specific individual files to suppliers quickly when you need to
  • Digitising whole archives or individual files, such as design specifications, to share with your international supply chain
  • Keeping a complete chain of custody log so you know exactly what information was shared with whom, and when.

Straightforward Compliance And Security

Are new and evolving regulatory requirements putting pressure on your management of your physical records? What would be the cost to your company of lost or inaccurate testing, warranty information or Quality Assurance records?

What if you could demonstrate to auditors that you were working with an industry-leading supplier to store, transport and manage your documents? What if you could benefit from the chain of custody and security investments that go with that? By working with Iron Mountain, you’ll be able to see exactly where your records and documents are at any time — and prove it from your desk:

  • We incorporate a secure chain of custody and audit trail for clear accountability for all information that we manage— protecting and tracking your information at every stage of the product lifecycle when we handle, store, and process it
  • Only authorised personnel will be able to demonstrate where documents are and show the relevant chain of custody by searching on our customer portal, IM Connect™
  • Our operations meet standards and regulations such as ISO 9001:2008 and ISO/IEC 27001:2005, OHSAS 18001 (health and safety), ISO 14001 (environmental management), and the UK’s EN 15713 (secure destruction of confidential material), so you can show that you’re working with an industry leader

Guarding Investments Through Archive Preservation

Are decades of research and development at risk of loss or decay because they are stored on paper? Are you concerned about how to preserve this valuable information?
What if you could easily future-proof your archive through proper preservation and digitisation?

  • Iron Mountain’s purpose-built facilities provide a dry, aerated environment for the preservation of hard-copy archives.
  • Our digitising services allow you to scan your documents, protecting your hard-copy information from regular use.
“Iron Mountain is a very professional company and easy to do business with. I have not heard a complaint about the service we get. Everything works very smoothly.”
Andy Adams ,
IT Leveraged Services Manager ,
Jacobs Engineering

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