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Optimising Data And Information Management To Support Exploration And Production

What Are Your Key Challenges Today?

Is expansion into new geographies or exploration of new energy resources putting strain on your information management processes? Do you need easier access to information assets like seismic sections, well data and core samples — and to legacy data currently held on magnetic tape? Does the drive to improve recovery rates from harder-to-reach reservoirs mean you need to capture and manage real-time seismic imaging and data?

Given the volume and variety of information you use and generate every day, do any of these sound familiar:

  • Are you struggling to search, access and share information and data across your organisation and with partners, contractors and regulators?
  • Do you need to reduce the cost and effort involved in managing growing volumes of physical and digital information?
  • Do you need integrated processes for accessing digital and physical information?
  • Do you worry that information access, management and security issues could put business productivity, regulatory compliance or your company’s reputation at risk?
  • Do you need to enhance the safety and longevity of highvalue exploration data and assure the quality of metadata and code assets?
  • Do you need to make sure your valuable stored data is on the most up-to-date media?

Why Iron Mountain ?

  • We have over 30 years’ experience of delivering industry-leading information management services specifically designed to meet the needs of the oil and gas industry
  • We work with all the super-majors and 90% of the majors in Europe and North America
  • We’ve been in business since 1951, and our first customer is still with us
“Iron Mountain is a great partner - they help us to manage all our information, from storing paper records to large-scale tape migration projects which allow us to preserve our seismic survey information for future analysis.”
Elisabeth Brandeggen , Senior Analyst
Data & Information Management , Statoil

How Iron Mountain Can Help

Imagine being confident that the data management processes underpinning your operations were consistent, provided robust security for sensitive information, and supported regulatory compliance.
Working with Iron Mountain will provide you with:

  • The ability to bring the management of physical and digital information assets together
  • Specialist seismic data transcription and capture services, undertaken by skilled and experienced teams at our dedicated E&P locations
  • Dedicated energy-sector facilities in Norway and the UK
  • Specialist services to let you digitise even non-standard format records such as well logs
  • The services of qualified geologists experienced in photographing rock and drill samples and producing the high-quality core images you need to support decisions about exploration and production activities
  • Data cleansing services, including reviewing and correcting existing metadata and reducing duplicates
  • Access to expertise to help you set up, deploy and control information management policies for your information assets, embed streamlined best-practice processes across your organisation, and train your staff

Get Your Seismic And Well Data Under Control

Iron Mountain specialists based in dedicated facilities can help you manage and access your historical and real-time seismic data more efficiently:

  • We can transcribe seismic and well data from all legacy tape media to the latest 3592 and LT0x high-capacity tape formats to help you access and distribute the data more easily and protect it from media deterioration.
  • If you’re implementing permanent reservoir monitoring you can rely on Iron Mountain to capture all the real-time seismic data from the seabed and transfer it to servers, tapes or other storage media, ready for you to analyse. Our specialists will monitor the data received and alert you to any gaps or anomalies.

Non-Standard Assets To Store? No Problem

We know your information assets comprise more than just files and documents. You need a secure, known location for your seismic sections, rock and drill samples, core images, well logs, and tapes and disks — as well as for critical paper records such as legal contracts and authorisation documents. Our services will meet your needs for protecting all your data and information assets in line with regulations and the needs of your business.

  • Our facilities serving your industry are protected by security fences, keycard access, CCTV surveillance and fire suppression systems; and our vehicles are secured with specially designed locks proprietary to Iron Mountain.
  • We’ve designed our services in line with the standards of ISO 15489 (records management), ISO 9001:2008 (quality management systems) and BS EN 15713 (secure destruction of confidential material). We hold certifications for ISO/IEC 27001:2005 (information security management systems), ISO 14001 (environmental management) and OHSAS 18001 (health and safety).
  • Our staff undergo rigorous security training, screening and background checks so you know your assets are always in safe hands.
  • We’ve been in business since 1951, so you can be confident we’ll still be around at the end of any mandated information retention period.

Access And Track Your Information In Any Location

With Iron Mountain you can catalogue, locate and retrieve your physical and digital information assets quickly and easily, whether they’re stored with us, with you, or elsewhere. Our eSearch portal — custom-created to meet the needs of the energy industry — will enable you to:

  • Upload, manage and rapidly search large volumes of electronic attachments, configure views to suit your needs, and manage complex data structures and large amounts of metadata
  • Use barcode record tracking to record the location and ownership of each information asset throughout its lifecycle, maintaining a permanent chain of custody and ensuring you always know where everything is
  • Closely control who is allowed to access what types of information

Get Ahead Of The Curve By Integrating Your Digital And Paper Assets

Our scanning services will help you integrate digital ways of working with your legacy hard-copy information:

  • We can accelerate integration by bulk-scanning your document archives, including documents in specialist formats such as well logs.
  • We can provide one central portal, eSearch, for you to view your scanned documents and manage your hard-copy inventory.
  • Following scanning, we can store the paper originals for you or securely destroy them.

Find Out More

To find out how Iron Mountain can help companies in the oil and gas industry optimise data and information management to support exploration and production, contact us: or call us on 08445 60 70 80

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