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Enhancing Customer Service And Streamlining Regulatory Compliance

What Key Challenges Do You Face Today?

Is business expansion putting strain on your information management processes? Has an acquisition or merger left you struggling to integrate disparate information archives? Do regulatory requirements to retain paper documents mean you’re running out of storage space? Would easier access to physical and digital information help you improve customer service and therefore retention?

With a centralised information management system followed by all staff, you’ll have standardised, reliable processes and ensure fast access for authorised users.

If you need to make the case for implementing more streamlined, consistent ways of working, do any of the following sound familiar:

  • Are different information management practices followed at different sites or by different subsidiaries?
  • Do you worry that poor information control could put business productivity, regulatory compliance or your company’s reputation at risk?
  • Are you keen to move to more electronic ways of storing and accessing information, but need to find a solution that’s affordable and reliable, and spans all your operating locations?

Why Iron Mountain ?

  • We’ve been in business since 1951, and our first customer is still with us
  • We have over 60 years’ experience of delivering industry-leading information management services, with expertise you won’t find anywhere else
  • More than 80% of the FTSE 100 choose to work with us
  • With operations in 32 countries, we’re wherever you need us to be

How Iron Mountain Can Help

Imagine being confident that the information management processes underpinning your business were consistently enforced, provided robust security for sensitive information, and supported regulatory compliance. Imagine being able to free up valuable office space by moving documents to secure offsite storage or digitising them — and making it easier for authorised users to access the information they need.

You can, by working with Iron Mountain. We’ll help you improve information management processes to support business growth and open the way to more efficient and integrated ways of working.

“We aim for partnerships with suppliers that help us prepare for the future, based on their expertise. Iron Mountain meets this requirement. As a result, it is a preferred supplier for our physical and digital archiving services.”
Bart Voortman , Director of Group
Facility Services , Achmea
  • We’re an established information management partner that works to the same exacting security and best-practice standards throughout our global footprint.
  • We provide a network of highly secure facilities across Europe where we support all aspects of the information management lifecycle: managing and storing paper records, scanning and hosting your archives, and securely destroying documents on expiry.
  • We’ll help you solve information access and collaboration challenges for a distributed workforce with our scanning services and secure portal for information retrieval.

Improve Customer Service — Find What You Need Faster

Increased competition in many utilities markets makes the quality of customer service key to retention. Our services will make it easier to access all the information you hold for each customer, helping you to be more responsive and maximise cross- and upselling opportunities.

  • Our online central portal, IM ConnectTM, allows you to log your records in one place with compulsory information fields, making it quicker to find what you need.
  • IM Connect™ gives your authorised users rapid, reliable access to stored records — whether originals or scanned copies — backed by specific SLAs for document retrieval.

Preserve Your Documents Securely And Protect Your Reputation

You need to protect and retain sensitive documents — such as contracts, licences, customer records and HR files — in line with regulations, avoiding data breaches that could damage your reputation with customers or risk your operating licence. With business growth driving up information volumes, moving documents offsite will free up space — but you’ll need to be confident your storage solution meets regulatory requirements and the security expectations of your customers.

  • Iron Mountain’s purpose-built facilities are ideal for secure, compliant, long-term document storage. Our facilities are protected by security fences, keycard access, CCTV surveillance and fire suppression systems; and our vehicles are secured with specially designed locks proprietary to Iron Mountain.
  • Our staff undergo rigorous security training, screening and background checks so you know your information is always in safe hands.
  • We’ve designed our services in line with the standards of ISO 15489 (records management), ISO 9001:2008 (quality management systems) and BS EN 15713 (secure destruction of confidential material). We hold certifications for ISO/IEC 27001:2005 (information security management systems), the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), ISO 14001 (environmental management) and OHSAS 18001 (health and safety).
  • You always know who’s accessed which documents. We track every action relating to document requests and keep a secure audit trail for you, so you can demonstrate control over your information in line with the Data Protection Act and similar legislation.
“Iron Mountain has proved to be a very professional company and we have complete trust in its capabilities. We now have consistent company-wide processes with improved compliance, better security, and fast flexible access to files whenever we need it.”
Holger Gemassmer , IT Director ,
SSB Wind Systems

Make Sure Everyone’s On The Same Page

Iron Mountain experts can help you set up and enforce best-practice information management systems across your operations. We’ll train your users to keep records properly categorised on one central system and provide:

  • The skills and resources to analyse your requirements and set up and run information management systems consistently, for both physical and digital records.
  • A secure online portal, IM ConnectTM, where you can post information centrally on topics such as record classifications, retention schedules and destruction eligibility.
  • A way to improve and automate information management practices using IM Connect™ — for example, by automatically enforcing rules around activities such as labelling records, and logging where they’re located.
  • Special projects teams who can help you integrate and rationalise disparate information archives.

Get Ahead By Making The Move To Digital

Our scanning services will help you transition to efficient digital ways of working and make it easier to integrate your information systems.

  • We can accelerate your transition by bulk-scanning your document archives and advising you on what to do with which records.
  • We can host your scanned documents in our secure, scalable electronic archive or provide them to you with indexing information for upload to your own document management system.
  • Following scanning, we can safely store the paper originals for you or securely destroy them.

Find Out More

To find out how Iron Mountain can help utility companies enhance customer service and streamline regulatory compliance with harmonised information management processes, contact us: or call us on 08445 60 70 80

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