What do businesses expect from records managers?

Our research offers the answers

Our whitepaper: Overcoming the Disconnect – Establishing Shared Ground between Records Managers and Business Leaders, looks at how businesses value the information professionals who are so integral to their processes and systems. The findings are the results of global research conducted in 2015 at 900 organisations with between 299 and 999 employees.

The research answers questions about the skills you’ll need to succeed in the future. It will help you determine what you’ll need to do to keep ahead of the evolving pressures of the information explosion.

Read it to find out:

  • What lines of business need from information and from records managers.
  • Where the gaps in confidence could affect you.
  • Why strategic insight is important to your career.

Iron Mountain whitepapers give you the clear, actionable insight you need to help your organisation and build your career.