The rules and regulations of information management

Companies of all sizes need secure information management processes in place to avoid compliance and non-compliance costs. Keep up to date with the rules and regulations using the resources below.
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Records Retention Schedules Understanding the Requirements | Iron Mountain
Records Retention Schedules: Understanding the Requirements

Topics: Compliance | Outsourcing Records Management | Retention of records

Most enterprises have a basic understanding of the importance of a records retention schedule. They know that this schedule defines the organisation's legal and compliance requirements when it comes to accessing, retaining and disposing of the records. Furthermore, they understand that a solid retention schedule reduces storage volume, costs and the risks of data breach exposure. However, organisations must go beyond on the basics and fully understand the types of legal requirements involved in a retention schedule and make sure they have been thoroughly analysed.

Taking on Retention Schedule Challenges: Can You Answer These Four Questions? | Iron Mountain
Taking on Retention Schedule Challenges: Can You Answer These Four Questions?

Topics: Compliance | Outsourcing Records Management | Retention of records | Records management

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger. If this was true, grappling with the challenges of creating and maintaining up-to-date records retention schedules should have turned your business into the world's largest, most powerful organisation by now.Taking on your records retention challenges doesn't have to be a struggle. Once you create and maintain retention schedules based on relevant regulations, you can reduce the number of records you store, save space and mitigate the risk exposures of data breaches. But first you have to tease out potential stumbling blocks.

Data Privacy and Protection: 5 Insights from the Experts

Topics: Data Management | Compliance

Data privacy and protection is a hot topic at the moment—and why wouldn’t it be? With major data breaches in the news nearly every day, the privacy of personal and business information is on the minds of companies across the globe. This eBook gathers data privacy and protection insights from internal Iron Mountain experts, along with external experts on the subject.

Information Risk Maturity Index
Put your risk into perspective

Topics: Compliance | Risk resilience

Research from Iron Mountain and PwC tells you how mid-market and enterprise businesses in Europe and North America manage their information, as well as the processes, guidelines and people connected to it.