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Learn how proven information management best practices can help your organisation reduce costs through outsourcing, having proper retention policies in place and properly disposing of assets that are no longer needed.
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IDC Report on Iron Mountain Workflow Powered by Hyland - Business folks looking at a tablet
Market Note IDC review of Iron Mountain Workflow Automation powered by Hyland

In this Market Note IDC weighs in on Iron Mountain’s newest suite of digital solutions. Workflow Automation™ powered by Hyland is available for: human resources, accounts payable, accounts receivable and contract management. These solutions enable organisations to convert paper-heavy processes to digital workflows.

AstraZeneca | Iron Mountain

Topics: Paper to Digital

AstraZeneca is one of the worlds largest drug manufacturers, and with the worldwide introduction of new HR software, this required the off-site re-sorting and scanning of personnel records, which led to a reduction in demand on in-house resources, enabled faster project completion, and avoided disruption of normal HR workflows.