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Electronic records management for efficiency and data preservation

Convert your business’ stacks of paper to digital for quick data referencing, recovery and organisation. Read about best practices for scanning and managing records, no matter what format or location.

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Iron Mountain® Digital Record Center™

Topics: Paper to Digital

You’re under considerable pressure to secure records and information and share it with authorized users and stakeholders. You struggle to manage a mix of paper and electronic information, often housed in a variety of places throughout the organization.

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One Information Platform for the Entire Employee Lifecycle

Topics: Paper to Digital

Paper can pile up quickly in HR departments. Managing personal records throughout an employee’s tenure can overwhelm staff time, as folders accumulate containing critical and sometimes sensitive documentation. With OnBase, all employee information is secure and easily accessible from electronic folders. HR staff efficiently manage core documentation and processes – like contracts, correspondence and acknowledgements – from a single interface.

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Manage The Entire Digital Employee Record On A Single Platform

Topics: Paper to Digital

Business process management in Human Resources is challenging and typically requires decisions and actions made by a myriad of people in departments throughout the organization. And, it continues to be a mix of digital and paper-based information. This article identifies how HR automation can improve 6 common HR processes to reduce administrative tasks, improve visibility and accountability, eliminate manual data entry, reduce risk of incomplete employee files and optimize HR report.

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Chain of Custody

Topics: Outsourcing Records Management | Paper to Digital

This two-minute video describes how a network of transport, people, technology, and security helps keep your information protected—from pickup to arrival at a secure storage facility. And, when you need your information returned to you, the same safeguards are in place.