Records management

Reduce cost and risk by outsourcing your records management

Piles of paper in your file cabinets, boxes of files in your back room—isn’t it time you truly managed your records? Learn records management best practices using the resources below.

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Look Before You Leap The Role Of Risk And Compliance | Iron Mountain
Look before you leap
The role of risk and compliance

Topics: Records management

Are you ready to source and appoint a supplier to manage your records and information? Using a third party to manage your records and information can save money and give your organisation a range of competitive advantages. But only if you keep two important issues in mind - risk and compliance.

Pros and Cons of Centralised and Decentralised Records Centres | Iron Mountain
Pros and Cons of Centralised and Decentralised Records Centres

Topics: Data Management | Records management

One of the most crucial decisions records managers have to make is whether their organisation's records centre should be centralised or decentralised; this is by no means an easy choice. Thankfully, this subject is not a new one in the field of records management. There are plenty of resources in the space to help records management professionals make the right choice for their organisation.