Records management

Reduce cost and risk by outsourcing your records management

Piles of paper in your file cabinets, boxes of files in your back room—isn’t it time you truly managed your records? Learn records management best practices using the resources below.

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Return on Information: The New ROI? | Iron Mountain
Return on Information: The New ROI?

Topics: Records management

Information is the core of almost every essential business process. If you have fast, reliable and safe access to information, you can improve customer service, increase business process efficiency and fuel growth.

The Rights Of Data Subjects Under The New GDPR | Iron Mountain
Practical Guidance and Expert Tips - The Rights of Data Subjects under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Topics: Compliance | Records management

GDPR is a significant piece of legislation that will affect anyone who handles the private information of EU citizens. From the public sector to pharmaceutical companies, financial institutions to retailers, businesses of all kinds and sizes will be effected. The GDPR standardises existing legislation across the EU and expands individuals’ rights over the personal data organisations hold. GDPR also introduces important new rights for data subjects such as the rights to erasure and data portability.