Disaster Recovery

A robust disaster recovery plan can save you from going out of business.

Disasters come in all shapes and sizes. They range from major events — fire, flood, structural damage etc — through to everyday annoyances of lost laptops and corrupted drives. In addition, there is also the challenge of proving your resilience for compliance reasons as failure here can have significant cost implications.

Businesses that come through disasters best, are the ones who really think through how their operations might be disrupted by a ‘disaster’. Importantly, they don’t rely on basic assumptions. Running through as many what-if scenarios as possible will help you avoid these situations. These scenarios are, of course, just the beginning. You need to push the boundaries to imagine the unimaginable for your business.

The result should be a disaster recovery plan that encompasses a multi-tiered approach to protecting your business:

  • A complete back-up for an Armageddon scenario where you cannot access the original location
  • Data Recovery that may affect your real-time replication, forcing you to go back to the last known back-up
  • The ability to go much further back — for example, in legal disputes
  • Iron mountain’s disaster recovery experts can help you create a disaster recovery plan that will help you meet both your recovery-time objective (RTO) and recovery-point objective (RPO). Visit our offsite data protection page for more information on how our services can help you protect your business.