How can records storage help you?

An organisation’s document archive is a vital part of its history, a valuable record of its experience and, for several business functions, a legal requirement. You may not access stored documents regularly, but they have to be there when they are needed.

Preserving and protecting your records for the future

It is therefore crucial to your business that you have a reliable, sustainable solution to allow you to hold archived records for as long as necessary. Some organisations find that storing documents on-site provides adequate space and visibility for them to hold and manage their archives in-house.

However, increasing numbers of businesses are opting for professional external support for their records storage. This is because external records storage provides the joint advantages of:

  • scalable space for your archives, so you never have to face the constraints of having to buy or lease new facilities to store your records
  • a flexible and comprehensive document management system which will allow you to view full information about your inventory at the click of a mouse
  • purpose-built facilities which provide optimum conditions to preserve and protect your records, including dry, aerated environments and sophisticated security systems
To find out more about how you can benefit from professional records storage, visit our Records Management page.