Expert Advisory Services and Implementation Support.

Iron Mountain Consulting services can help your organisation achieve higher levels of information governance proficiency. Whether you need help creating foundational records and information management components, such as a policy, a retention schedule, or a strategic Information Governance Roadmap, you can work with our experienced consultants to advance your next records and information management project.

Records and Information Management Programme Assessment & Organisational Blueprint 

Your retention schedule needs to integrate seamlessly with your policy. Iron Mountain Consulting Services can assess the current state of your global records and information management programme and help you identify gaps between current practices and best practices and develop an ideal records and information strategy, based on the unique needs of your business.

Our consultants have years of experience assessing and developing records and information management strategy programmes across all industries for many of the world’s largest organisations. We will work closely with you and your records and information management staff to gather details on your existing programme and build a “blueprint” that outlines specific implementation steps you can follow to achieve your goals.

Records and Information Management Policy Development 

Policy is an essential element of your records and information management programme. You can have Iron Mountain consultants develop a custom records and information management policy for your organisation. We can work with you to deliver a comprehensive policy – one that addresses both your physical and electronic records – you can use to support your information governance agenda. Working with Iron Mountain, you can:

  • Gain policies and procedures covering all aspects of a records and information management programme
  • Develop controls and audit procedures to ensure compliance
  • Conduct post-implementation reviews and provide continuous improvement strategies

Retention Schedule Development 

Reduce litigation risk, improve ease of discovery, and control storage costs by instituting a formal retention programme to enable defensible disposition decision making. Teaming with Iron Mountain Consulting Services, you can receive a cloud-based Records Retention Schedule—one that leverages our Policy Centre solution and is built using the most current record keeping requirements from our comprehensive database of proprietary legal research. Iron Mountain can also provide you with international retention rules to enable a consistent records and information management programme worldwide.

Implementation Services

Did you know that while 87% of organisations claim to have a mature records and information management programme, only 8% inspect what they expect? Iron Mountain can help you implement the foundational elements of your records and information management programme. At Iron Mountain, our consultants have implemented major records and information management projects for some of the world’s largest, global companies across many industries. In addition to addressing your business requirements, your records and information management programme must incorporate sound information governance strategies, cutting-edge technology, and cultural nuances by geography.

Iron Mountain consultants can help you:

  • Target high-priority projects that are critical to the long-term well-being of your records and information management programme
  • Analyse and develop requirements to ensure that your records management and content management systems can meet your strategic business needs—before they’re implemented.
  • Help you select the most effective records and information management application and provide independent advice on key technical decisions.
  • Conduct information modeling and meta data design, the real building blocks to federated records management and enterprise discovery.
  • Develop security and access taxonomies to resolve conflicts between retention and privacy, security and data transfer requirements.
  • Implement change management processes to keep your programme on track and ever fresh.