Your Modern Source for High-Quality Legal Research.

The Iron Mountain Global Research service is the industry’s first technology-enabled international retention research product offered in the cloud. You subscribe to specific areas of law within individual jurisdictions to receive fully cited and summarised retention requirements from a robust database of 30,000 requirements compiled by top retention experts around the globe. That retention data is carefully reviewed and curated by our in-house legal team and delivered digitally to you through the Iron Mountain Policy Centre solution. This integrated solution is built on modern methodologies to provide you with the following advantages:

With Iron Mountain’s new subscription-based records retention and legal research solution you can:

  • Work with an expert to develop or improve your records taxonomy and identify ways to shorten retention periods where applicable so you can stop retaining less useful information
  • Have global visibility into the latest version of your retention schedule so you can control risk and communicate policy to keep your records compliant no matter where they are
  • Systematically share retention schedules with your content infrastructure from the cloud through a standardised integration connector
  • Synchronise your records management enabled systems to ensure that policy is being consistently applied to content regardless of format or location
  • Centralise change management and version control through collaborative discussion threads with all stakeholders

The Power of the Network

Count on accurate legal information from local legal experts supervised by our in-house team of legal staff:

  • Legal information is compiled by top independent law firms local to each jurisdiction
  • Each firm manages their research through our proprietary web application
  • All retention research is closely reviewed by our in-house counsel to ensure that it’s relevant, complete, and consistent
  • Legal issues can be referred back through the network to the appropriate law firm
Global Research & Policy Centre workflow

Delivered Digitally

Receive concise, normalised rules, rather than text-based research tomes:

  • Each research item includes over three dozen individual pieces of metadata to help you immediately understand a requirement
  • Research is indexed by legal subject matter and jurisdiction
  • Multiple legal requirement types can be sorted and searched to help you better understand your retention obligations

Online Alerts for Maintenance Updates

As part of your subscription to the Global Research service, you automatically receive subscription updates from our legal network.

  • New and updated regulations are delivered automatically via Policy Centre
  • Approve new or changed information through a maintenance dashboard immediately, as it arrives
  • Instantly publish retention policy revisions to your entire enterprise, keeping everyone in sync with the latest regulations