Your records are an asset. Protect them with offsite records management.

Offsite records management services can help you manage, store and access your documents. We can also help you:

  • reduce your storage costs
  • speed-up information retrieval
  • stay compliant
  • evaluate and reduce risks.

Choose your options

Option 1:Document Storage

Pack your own records and we’ll collect and transport them to a secure document storage facility. We’ll return them when needed. Find out more about document storage

Option 2: Active File Management

Your active records will be accessible - but with all the advantages of an outsourced service. Learn more about Active File Management

Option 3:Scan and digitise

Select the information you want scanned. Our specialised software can reduce digital conversion costs and enhance document access. Find out about scanning

Option 4: Projects

We can classify, index, purge, destroy and relocate your records as a one-time project. Learn more about our projects

Option 5: Compliance

A comprehensive compliance programme can safeguard your physical and electronic records. Get information on compliance

Option 6: Specialist vault storage

Secure options for materials requiring specialist storage. We can everything from photos to movies and historical artefacts. Learn more about vault storage