Specialised Vault Storage

By maintaining the appropriate environmental conditions for long-term records storage, we can ensure its readability and integrity for decades. We offer a variety of private, shared and customised vaults with optimal preservation conditions for any type of media.

Our vault features include:

  • Multiple levels of security including 24/7 access control
  • Computerised transaction control systems that provide flexible access while maintaining the chain of custody
  • Environmental control systems tailored to the unique needs of different media, including paper, magnetic and optical media, film reels, colour documents and photographs
  • Advanced gaseous fire suppression systems that protect records without risking water damage
  • Climate-controlled vehicles for secure, dedicated transportation
  • BS5454 conditions suitable for storing historical documents

If you have specialised storage needs, such as preserving large volumes or materials needing special environmental controls, we can design and create a customised vault for your organisation.