When information is critical, trust is paramount

You strive to provide excellent care and ensure patient safety. But in the face of growing information volumes and shrinking resources your goals are becoming more challenging. You face pressures to:

  • reduce costs
  • protect medical records and patient information
  • achieve compliance
  • implement electronic document management solutions.

How does the Healthcare Solution help you?

We provide fully integrated information management and data storage solutions that are exactly tailored to your needs. With our help you can reduce costs and:

  • Streamline access to patient records
  • Safeguard valuable patient information
  • Navigate the transition to digital health records
  • Ensure compliance, even across multiple locations
  • Minimise demands on IT staff

Why choose Iron Mountain?

Iron Mountain is the only supplier recommended by the Government Procurement service for offsite information management. The new Document Storage and Related Services Framework (GPS ref:RM1689) is part of the Government’s pledge to deliver efficient and effective procurement. Iron Mountain’s portfolio of services will be available to all central and local government, the NHS, educational institutions, the emergency services and many other public sector bodies across the UK.

Our case studies tell you more about why our customers trust us.

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