Data Restoration

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Restore The Data You Need From Archive Or Legacy Back-Up Tapes Quickly And Easily

Business Challenges

  • Can you not afford to have staff spend time restoring data from old back-up tapes?
  • Do you struggle to meet tight deadlines around restoring data from back-ups created in old systems?
  • Is it hard to get archived data back to your stakeholders in a format they can use?

Features At A Glance

  • Tape identification project stage to ensure the correct back-ups are available
  • Corrupt/degraded media separated from restorable media
  • Relevant files and emails identified and restored
  • Consolidation of email inboxes from different tapes available
  • De-duplication of data available for simple delivery to end user
  • Phased output available if required
  • Service can be scaled or repeated to meet your needs
  • Files delivered, encrypted, on USB or DVD
  • Emails delivered as .pst or .nsf files with mailbox custodians clearly identified
  • Non-email files delivered in original format
  • Faster turnaround and reduced rate card available for ongoing or repeated projects through our Restoration Assurance Programme
  • Option to host tape identification information on our Tape Catalogue Manager portal

✔ What if you never had to restore data or legacy from archived media again?
✔ What if you had spare manpower so you could be confident in meeting data restoration deadlines?
✔ What if you had expert support to provide your internal customers with just the data they need?


While accessing data from current back-up media using existing systems can be time-consuming enough, restoring it from systems retired several years ago can set your work schedules back significantly.

Iron Mountain’s Data Restoration service lets you focus on the day-to-day business of running your IT department without being distracted by urgent and potentially complex data restoration projects.

Solutions And Capabilities

Whether it’s for an audit or a legal case, requests for data from archived back-up tapes usually come with tight deadlines.

But getting the data back may not be straightforward. IT resources are already thinly stretched and sparing resource to help with data restores means staff:

  1. finding the required tapes
  2. re-familiarising themselves with old back-up systems
  3. locating the relevant data and then...
  4. ...supplying it to the requestor in a simple format so that they can easily find what they need

Iron Mountain’s Data Restoration service means that, in future, when a request for data from archived back-ups comes in, you can reach for expert support who will help you:

  • scope the project
  • manage deadlines
  • deliver accurate, de-duplicated data back to your internal customers

We will separate out readable and unreadable tapes, and check top-line tape information so that we only spend time restoring the data you need us to. Where emails are requested, we can even consolidate mailboxes and deduplicate information so you can provide usable, clearly-labelled data back to your internal customers.

Get Started

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