Restoration Assurance Programme

Don’t Take Any Chances With Urgent Information Retrieval | Iron Mountain

Don’t take any chances with urgent information retrieval.

Respond confidently and cost-effectively to requests for archive data.

Without the right expertise, accessing archive data stored on tape can be a costly, time-consuming nightmare.

How much is it costing your organisation to find and restore legacy data archived on tape? And how quickly can you find that data when you need to quickly respond to an audit, legal case, compliance issue or other enquiry? For one division of an international retail bank, it was more than £17,000 per month before Iron Mountain came in to help. We were able to cut the £17,000 monthly cost to just £4,500.

There are two main ways Restoration Assurance can help:

  • Tape catalogues are often incomplete or have errors, putting a costly time burden on IT to identify and restore the right tapes. This is rarely a core competence, meaning it takes significant resource and focus away from your IT department’s key responsibilities. Iron Mountain can help by managing your tapes and sorting your catalogues.
  • It’s very expensive to maintain the variety of legacy tape management and restoration systems — including equipment, software and licences—acquired over the years through growth and development, mergers and acquisitions. On average, Iron Mountain saves customers 30-50% through our Restoration Assurance Programme.