Iron Mountain helps business organisations around the world reduce the costs and security risks associated with information protection and storage.

We offer comprehensive records management, data protection and information destruction systems which have been developed to smooth out your organisation's operational processes while improving your overall activity planning and communication.

With unrivalled technical experience and security expertise in data management, we are able to give you better control on all your information activities:

  • Records Management and Storage

    From pure document storage to comprehensive, compliance-based records management programmes, we offer a wide range of solutions tailored to your needs.

  • Data Protection

    Smart solutions for anytime access to your vital business information, preparing for disasters and unexpected failures, managing costs of protecting increasing data.

  • Data Restoration Services

    Access tape backup data when you need it with our Restoration Assurance Programme - identify, restore and protect your data quickly and easily

  • Digital Solutions

    Comprehensive lifecycle management and digital imaging, including customized healthcare solutions and fast, reliable access to your most critical business documents.

  • Technology Escrow Services

    Protect technology-based assets with software escrow. Learn about source code and data escrow solutions for developers, licensees, and SaaS providers and users.