Safe and centralised or perilous and patchy?
Consistent records management with Accutrac®

Records stored in too many places? Fast access to information a distant dream? Accutrac® manages your records at every stage in their life cycle - from creation to secure disposition. Use it to reduce costs and improve:

  • security
  • consistency and compliance
  • retention
  • access

Who needs Accutrac®?

Whether you work in a mid-sized organisation or the Fortune 500, Accutrac® provides;

  • control of critical business documents
  • a comprehensive strategy for records management
  • Integration with enterprise content management systems.

How does Accutrac® work?

By giving you a single, centralised resource for managing all your active and inactive physical records, Accutrac® lets you:

  • View and track your records inventory with an auditable chain of custody.
  • Apply compliant procedures for record retention, legal holds and destruction on expiry.
  • Improve and control information access across your organisation.
  • Take control of compliance.

Why does Accutrac® help?

With Accutrac® you’ll gain peace of mind from putting your records into the safe hands of a global leader in information management. You’ll also have the advantage of a unified and cost-effective resource that replaces sprawling systems, additional repositories and multiple vendors. With increased clarity and control will come faster and more secure access to your records

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