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Introduction to Info Economics/Return on Information

{{ date }} 1:00 PM Eastern N/A
To be successful in today’s economy, you need a comprehensive and collaborative strategy to manage your information. This requires understanding how the information you create and receive impacts your bottom line: you need to extract value from it and avoid costs of non-compliance with operational and mandatory rules and regulations – all the while protecting your brand from data breaches. While information risk continues to be a predominant story, we now need to factor in the potential upside of your information for competitive advantage, monetization, and identifying “bad actors” - we need to consider the impact information has from more than a single point of view, and manage it accordingly. Information economics is the practice of consistent and reasonable management of information through its lifecycle to maximize its value, minimize its risk, and contain costs. Get the greatest return on information and, in turn, increase your return on investment.

This session will focus on how to:

  • change the way we perceive information (and records) management objectives

  • raise the level of conversation with senior leadership in your organization

  • understand who and how to engage with collaborative stakeholders

  • determine new ways of identifying the impact of information, beyond retention rules
Moderator: Sue Trombley
Speakers: Kelly McIsaac from Sun Life, John Biske from Fidelity
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