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Data Analytics & RIM

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Netflix uses analytics on 10 billion rows of data daily to make customer recommendations and improve customer experience. Now that is Big Data analytics! Are you ready to use analytics on your organisations’ big data? On your records and information management program?

This webinar will explain the basics of data analytics and how organizations use them to consume data faster and move from raw data to insight-driven actions. We will explore several use cases in organisations ranging from customer-centric activities to a newer shift towards operational challenges. The speakers will highlight uses for RIM operations including the potential analysis of RIM program performance metrics and insights for decision-making. Data analytics is all about harnessing information assets for economic return.

Attendees will learn:

  • What analytics are and what value they bring to organisations
  • Potential uses of analytics for RIM program decision-making and performance indicators
  • Why foundational RIM work is a precursor to effective use of analytics


Abha Dogra, Iron Mountain; and Faculty, University of Texas Austin
Sue Trombley, Iron Mountain

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