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Entertainment Services

Keeping audio recordings safe for the enjoyment of future generations—regardless of vintage—requires a combination of best practice, leading-edge technology, and expert tools and services. All of which Iron Mountain Entertainment Services is proud to offer. So when a film studio, a worldwide media company, or a prestigious academic institution wants to protect and preserve its legacy, Iron Mountain Entertainment Services is the clear choice.

Whether it’s Universal Music Group, the University of Southern California or countless other leading media companies and institutions, they turn to Iron Mountain to protect their most critical assets - and make them accessible for future generations.

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The recording industry looks to Iron Mountain to preserve, archive and restore some of the world’s greatest recorded musical works. Our team of technical wizards in the Entertainment Services division ensure that a re-mastered recording of a live 1961 bebop session will sound just as good in 2061 as it does today.

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A digital interface showing an ABBA record

Iron Mountain has helped media organizations such as The GRAMMY Museum Foundation in Los Angeles protect a variety of priceless cultural assets. The collection spans personal objects, vintage recordings in a variety of media, live concert footage and interviews. With Iron Mountain’s technological and archive expertise, the museum has developed practices to preserve and showcase its varied holdings.

Currently, there are eight million digital masters available for on-demand retrieval in our 2PB (petabyte) Digital Content Repository (DCR), which is equal to the sum of information found within all research libraries at U.S. colleges and universities.

Famous photo of Rosa Parks sitting on a bus
Famous photo of Albert Einstein sticking out his tongue

Beyond the recording industry, Iron Mountain has worked with entertainment companies and organizations including the USC School of Cinematic Arts, Paramount Pictures, and Corbis/Getty Images. After acquiring the Bettmann Archive in 1995, Corbis worked with Iron Mountain to manage the digitization and archiving efforts of over 11 million images. The collection contains some of the world’s most recognizable photographic images – from Albert Einstein to Rosa Parks to a work crew perched on a girder above New York City (below).

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Curious to see how images in the Bettman Archive are stored? The Hillman Photography Institute took a trip hundreds of feet underground to Iron Mountain in Boyers, Pennsylvania where millions of images are stored. Watch the video below.

The safety and preservation of these often-priceless materials cannot be left to chance. Iron Mountain Entertainment Services has industry-leading archive, storage, chain-of-custody processes and preservation facilities that can ensure the complete protection of your assets.

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