Records and Information Management Solutions for the Energy Industry

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Records and Information Management Solutions for the Energy Industry

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Optimise your Records and Information Management Program 

The Energy industry has a footprint of legacy data – with records that are decades old, in dated formats, and stored in multiple locations.  It is challenging to produce what you need in a useable and timely manner, especially if these records are not yet stored in your electronic repositories. 

By leveraging Iron Mountain’s comprehensive portfolio of solutions for the Energy industry, together with our in-depth experience in energy data management, you can: 

  • Improve visibility, control, protection, and accessibility of your records 
  • Get more value from your investments in electronic content repositories 
  • Enable information governance and enhance the management or your information


Using Iron Mountain InSight Enterprise Edition, analysts with no special training can maximise the value of their company’s visual assets—including scanned paper files or unstructured visual data from drone footage, downhole sensors or other internet-enabled field technology—with machine learning.

Data quality can be enhanced by matching known metadata and external databases to the assets, so they can be easily searched based on a range of metrics, including date prospected, well type, basin, GPS location and more. Iron Mountain InSight Enterprise Edition's flexibility allows the analyst to search and inspect millions of visual assets in minutes, all accessible in an intuitive interface.


  • Identify and leverage all content associated with specific geolocations and the assets pertaining to the location in order to derive the valuation of the assets
  • Aggregate seismic imagery, geospatial analysis, contracts, applications, and documents to support data-based, high-value decision insights
  • Identify assets that potentially pose a risk to the organisation, and to develop fingerprints of those assets as well as predictive models

Iron Mountain InSight Enterprise Edition is ideal for geologists, geophysicist, and analysts wanting to consider every piece of data available when making critical decisions without wasting time on manual document preparation prone to potential human bias and errors.

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Eight Dial Movers: Strengthening Information Governance in the Oil and Gas Industry

Increase the Business Value of your Oil & Gas Data

You deal with new and changing regulations from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), the US DOT Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA), Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA); these organisations all drive pipeline integrity compliance submissions at multiple government levels.   Much of your data is poorly indexed – and remains in paper or on old, deteriorating tapes – and isn’t adequately protected. 

By utilising Iron Mountain’s comprehensive portfolio of oil and gas solutions, you can:
  • Substantiate your pipeline integrity with records and data that are traceable, verifiable, and accessible
  • Preserve the integrity of your legacy seismic data by preventing its deterioration
  • Quickly access information on your well and land assets 

Store your Geological Core Samples 

The exploration for oil and gas remains a high priority for the Energy industry.  Whether you are assessing opportunities to re-explore existing field assets or developing new ones, the information contained in your core samples, well logs, and seismic data will be instrumental in your efforts to discover new sources.   

By utilising the Iron Mountain Geological Core Storage solution, you can:

  • Preserve the value of your drill core and cuttings, readily available for important business decisions
  • Conveniently access your core samples – in a secure, comfortable environment 
  • Maximise your available space – and lower your capital and operating cost
 Video: Iron Mountain Geological Core Storage Solution

Services Offered


Information Management

Manage your information throughout its lifecycle and keep up-to-date with evolving industry regulations

Digital Transformation

Transform to an agile and digitally mature environment that addresses your changing business needs
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Geological Core Storage

Store and view your core and cuttings in purpose-built storage and viewing facilities with proper equipment, lighting and furnishings.
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Secure Destruction

            Protect your brand reputation and reduce risk.
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Data Centres

Colocate with confidence.

Secure Storage

Protect and preserve what matters most.

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