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We Focus on Managing your Data so you can Focus on your Business

Iron Mountain understands the challenges of protecting and managing information, especially for large regional or national retail organisations with many locations and limited IT resources at the store level. Our expertise in all facets of information management helps to bring control of business-critical data back into your hands.

The protection of sensitive information such as employee records, customer credit card numbers or price and inventory data is not something you should have to worry about every day. Iron Mountain offers consistent implementation and reliable security that protects your business, your staff and your customers with decades of proven experience.

Our expertise in the retail industry can help you:

  • Mine your data to uncover new revenue stream opportunities and cost savings
  • Ensure back up with minimal or no disruption of IT staff
  • Reduce the risk of identity theft
  • Access highly reliable and affordable tape backup options
  • Maximise the square footage for revenue generating activities with offsite records storage

We offer solutions that enable you to better control and protect valuable information. Our trusted experts work closely with your team to analyse current needs, develop strategies that take into account future challenges and deliver solutions across all locations, from the store level to the corporate level.

  • Protect sensitive or confidential information—including customer credit card numbers, employee records and inventory data—through cost-effective, automated online backup services for distributed servers and PCs, featuring encrypted backup, data vaulting and rapid online recovery of lost or damaged files
  • Plan and implement a national or multi-site program for records storage, access and disposal to ensure compliance with your corporate records retention program
    • Improve business agility with better access and use of information
    • Increase operational efficiency with streamlined processes and best practice workflows


Most organisations recognise the potential of their data but struggle to uncover its value because they have too much unstructured and unclassified information, lack the internal resources and skills to analyse it, or both.

By combining Iron Mountain’s content analytics, data management and information governance expertise with Google Cloud’s Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities, you can mine your data to uncover new revenue stream opportunities and cost savings.

Iron Mountain offers you the staff resources, processes and proven technologies to ensure the consistent implementation of an effective information strategy across your entire organisation, allowing your local personnel to focus on what matters most: your customers. Put our retail expertise to work for you by calling 800-899-4766.

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