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Socialise Your Policies

Policies are the bedrock of planning.

And communication is the foundation of change. But the simple truth is that you can tell people things, but whether they’re paying attention is another matter. At every point in your awareness and education programme, make what you’re trying to achieve and why you’re trying to achieve it as relevant and human as possible. Reminding people what fines for noncompliance can cost your business and that records past their retention period take up space and clog up business processes – and expose you to privacy regulation violations - could be important. Make the case that records retention

Make the case that records retention is relevant and responsibility rests with people as well as processes

  • Start during employee Orientation
  • Engage Managers
  • Remember your teams Have different Learning styles
Try A Video Instead Of Powerpoint

Once your teams are engaged with your Ideas, you can try different forms of education.

  • By all means use your intranet to host your records retention guidelines, but don’t forget to ask people to visit it. .
  • Emails can help, but consider getting people’s attention in other ways. For example, create a mouse mat with a mini retention schedule and a web address..
  • An employee acknowledgement form can help you to gauge and track people’s responses.
  • There’s no reason you can’t publicise records management policy through a witty poster, a coffee cup or just a laminated factsheet.

Humour and relevance can draw attention to your concerns and remind people that records retention is important.

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