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Learn to navigate through the new information management landscape

Attention! Our Physical Meets Digital Virtual Forum has evolved!

2020 has been a truly turbulent year. Going into the 2nd half of it, hopeful of a “normal” tomorrow, we will bring you more of our online sessions filled with thought leadership on market trends and challenges, so you can broaden your horizons and share your learning with your peers.

But sometimes, we just need to get things done. We want to ask some practical questions and consult our options. That’s why we’re starting a set of Drop-in Clinics, where you can do just that. Pop-in to our virtual room, chat with our experts and get a practical overview of a solution to your challenge.

Navigating an ever-changing information landscape is hard, so let’s face it together!


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data overload
regulatory compliance

Drop-in clinics

Speakers: Mark Stephens (TDS), Richard Croft, Charmayne Simmonds

“Covid-19” is causing everyone a headache, and for financial and insurance organisations also an increased volume of customer claims and requests. Processing these is often tricky, especially when legacy information is needed to support the claim. Data from years ago is often stored on old backup tapes - but how to access it? Do you have the tools? Do you have the skills? Do you have the time to restore it?

Drop by our Clinic and explore your Data Restoration and Migration options to cure your claims and requests processing pains. Talk to our experts and your peers about challenges and practical solutions.