Physical Meets Digital
Physical Meets Digital

Physical Meets Digital - Agenda

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Thought Leadership

Speakers: Kim Anstett, Purvi Trivedi (Google), Sue Trombley 

2020 has been an unusual year and one full of lessons learnt. Technology has been a close companion on this turbulent journey but what can we expect from the future? 

In this 30min session, we will talk to our CTO, Kim Anstett, and Google’s Purvi Trivedi about the role of technology and innovation in the “next normal” flexible working culture. The speakers will discuss technology trends and changes that we’re likely to see next year, as well as share what both organisations have been doing to accelerate on their own digital transformation journey.

Drop-in clinics

Speakers: Ron Boscu (CompLions), Rob Meulenberg

Organisations look at compliance from various angles - privacy, security, data protection,etc. Often the final objective of all these measures is similar but the efforts are disparate. Implementing a holistic and unified solution that enables better alignment and integrated risk management is a natural next step.

In this 30min Drop-in Clinic our speakers will discuss what solutions organisations can consider when trying to bridge their compliance efforts and will share tips on building a strong business case to get stakeholders buy-in.

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