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Why Records Management?

All organisations produce records, and for many, especially in the public sector, those records are an important part of the organisation’s function. Compliance requirements also make the professional management of records a must, especially for large organisations with substantial volumes of documents to handle.

What is On-Site Records Management?

For organisations dealing with large volumes of documents, being able to send records off-site for archiving or active file management is only half the requirement for good document management. Documents need to be carefully sorted, checked and logged on-site, prior to sending for storage or being held on-site, and this needs to be done by staff who understand the organisation’s records management needs in detail. Every relevant document needs to be associated to an auditable trail of ‘who touched it when’, there needs to be documentation around steps taken to monitor and administrate access to documents, and the information needs to be easy to retrieve when it is required. As organisations are continually challenged to do more with less, making sure you have specialist staff available to support with records management on-site is getting harder. Working with an expert provider can support, and even optimise, your records management on-site, allowing you to keep your on-site documents under control while making the most of off-site document storage.



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