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Four Levels of Escrow Verification

In the event of an escrow release, verification enables you to effectively read, recreate and maintain your developer’s technology in-house- or transition smoothly to another vendor. Without verifying what is in your escrow deposit, you could find out too late that your escrow release is useless.

Iron Mountain’s trusted escrow verification services offer unrivaled insight into the composition of your escrow deposits through a four level approach to verification:

  • Level 1 Inventory and Analysis Test — Provides a complete audit and inventory of your deposit, including analysis of deposited media to verify the presence of build instructions and identification of materials necessary to recreate the original development environment.
  • Level 2 Compile Test —Validates whether the development environment can be recreated from the documentation and files supplied in the escrow deposit.
  • Level 3 Binary Comparison Test — Tests the functionality of the compiled deposit materials by comparing the files built in compile testing to the licensed, executable file running at your site.
  • Level 4 Full Usability Test —Confirms that the source code placed in escrow will be fully functional in the event of a release. We run a series of tests to ensure that replicated software runs properly and then create a detailed report of these tests, which includes demonstrations of the functioning software in action

Complementing your software escrow arrangement with verification services will help you verify all the pieces of your escrow deposit will work together as needed.

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